Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I've been lacking the vitality of days to write here. Beyond school and work and life's mischief, I've not been making the time to write. Academia does that too. Workshops are closed until spring, so that there's no real push behind me to get creative, especially in my day's end weary.

My dad is in the midst of deciding when and how to go through with the surgery. He was supposed to fly to Texas next Monday to have it done next week, but we're a far way off from the necessary money to pull that off. My mother has exerted herself from all fundraising and isn't too wholesome these days either. Ryan is working. a lot. Everything these days seems to be about bare minimums.

I've been committing to being more physically active these days, trying to get an hour done at the gym every other day, trying to keep my blood count up, get on the healthy end of the spectrum. Lent soon. I will look more closely at how life changes without meat again, to evaluate which is really better.

I'm not sure where I am with the choir anymore. Apart from my time constraints, I lack patience with it, and their indifference to the music and how it's so focused on sounding good and less about worship. Also, there's a pre-occupation with sounding like the original singer of a song...really? Then we should've just invited them to come sing it. I don't know if I can keep with that.

I'm hoping to start my next writing project soon. "The Readux" where I take really old poems I wrote in the last couple centuries and re-write them and improve on them. I also expect fresh works to come out of it as some elder poems might contain new poems in their bellies. It's the next step in my creative processing. Will keep you posted.

Below: Mr. Marshall and a truth.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To: one month into the year already.

I haven't blogged in a while, just about getting into the scholarly zone again, I am not having the snow storms though. I never got around to buying dem weather boots I said I would. I'm doing two less credits this semester than I did in the last one, and I'm not happy about it. It only lengthens my time here. I have the choice of 1) using the 2credit-less free-time to make the necessary links with the Trinidadian or even Caribbean context of theatre and work on developing my research in that area, so that I don't depend entirely upon an American syllabus to school me or I can do the ridiculous thing of taking 16 credits this semester in addition to my job. Sounds a bit much though. I need to pray on that.

I've found myself more at peace these days with God, with my relationships, with myself. I've been focusing on the ideas of 'covenant' and love as long-suffering. God keeps his promises...every single time. The covenant he has entrusted to both ryan and I, works alongside the faith that he furnishes us with, every waking morning. Love doesn't believe in impossibility.

I'm working on a few pieces at the same time. have some ideas turning over in my head. I've committed to reading more this semester, and to really get my mind clicking. I feel like my days are long, and maybe it's because it's only week one and I have many more things that will kick off in a few weeks. I am ready to work, and I am ready to build.