Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


He give meh a spirit of boldness,
So no retreat, no surrender,
He take care of meh before,
So he have meh back now here and after,
I bless His name, because he blessing meh, so I could now bless others,
This bold-faced, west-indian, woman, time come now to fly this nation's colours,
So let the red, white and black, blow-out, and blot a foreign stage,
Till the whole venue runnin ink from this pen-to-page, lyrical rampage!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Pulling courage and even coverage from stored-up graces,
Crushing in disgust at all these unrelated places,
But now things suddenly seem more connected,
And just like they do, my other self becomes disbanded.
All have fallen, but I see them wearing stilts,
Me, forgetting laws of gravity and principles of balance,
Rolling off the back of parables citing the then talents,
They intend the science, so wait ten years and you’ll understand meh distance,
I can’t walk a road that pelting rocks aimed at meh conscience.
In parlance, I swore that we all sought for a divine perfection,
Finding mehself trapped in a den with ten hundred thousand demons,
And even if I make the mistake of meh life to look to one of these,
I make a promise to mehself that I won’t, and I pray that on bended knees,
I think that I now know exactly where meh place is,
Sanctification, away from these, they all have this character-sameness,
At this stage,
I don’t want a part of this anymore.

-Arielle John

copyright 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

old diary entry

“October 12th 2007,
Dear Diary,
This evening I felt the soul of the world speak to me for about two minutes. Everything natural had become exaggerated, explosive, exciting to my senses. The flowers, natural lighting, a nearby dog and a dark-grey sky trying to decide its place between rain and night time, a fresh mid-green grass with sooo many light flies, looking as though the grass lining the road became lit runways. Blinking and flickering all in a fading evening. The coconut trees looked even more welcoming, my sneakers against the pitch reminds me of some extensive journey, the razor grass standing straighter than usual. All in a fading light. No shadows and I silently think to myself that my body seems to be glowing, illuminated by the growing darkness, ironically. Then she spoke in a breeze, lightly, then more strongly against my face, against my chest, till I close these eyes, inhaling everything around me, smiling (probably stupidly- the neighbour might think) in approval. I slow my steps down because my house is right there, and so in trying to delay time, I walk even more slowly, taking in her last few words. I look down my street and recognize how dark it has become, then to my house, where my dog runs out barking, though I were a stranger. I stood at the gate, looking at him, him at me with an easing approach, then I enter.
Too many British breezes have made me cold-hearted towards him, he came to mind too. It was one of those single moments that had so much in them. Truly I felt it. A universal conspiracy to put me back to my rightful place of thinking…”

If God wills it...Amen.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


this is some more photography. The door and bookshelf in my room, I always thought that there was more to the woodstains. Negative night image.