Thursday, January 24, 2008

Carnival 08'

Is a unnatural energy ingrained in dey bone marrow,
Deep inside psyches but remarkably shallow,
From humans to ‘party animals’ so the whole species change,
Is now ‘wining season’ so goodbye to trini hot sun and rain,
The sons of Cain and A- bel-ligerent spirit,
A different kinda rebellion, that not so legitimate,
De kind that make yuh best fit
For d infernal ending,
Garlin have nothing on this one, cuz this fire have no pretending,
Masquerading these pagan ideals and dare to call it a culture,
Mockery to the God of creation, assassination of my character,
Where d place of a performer is to command crowd behaviour,
Eyes wide shut so dey can’t see the creature-
Who wearing d mask,
Face to face with the devil like is ole time mas’
So put yuh hands up in the air and pass yuh soul over,
Cuz is a all-inclusive level that we taking this soca,
From minstrels, to Minshall, to naked angels,
And jab-jabs, to jumbies to a tripartite Machel,
Giving yuh an experience that yuh could never forget,
Jamishness to turn yuh girl chile into a first-class jammette,
To make yuh sons lust their souls straight down into hell,
And if we get the young people right where we want them well…
Business fix for the next ten years down d road,
Soon enough d remaining values bound to erode.
I say they bound to erode,
We have them bound to the road,
We have them by d thousands and by the shiploads,
De values bound to erode,
We have them bound to the road
Raising hell in Trinidad,
So de country bound to erode.
Copyright 2008
Arielle John

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cannabis counterfeit

I used to think wisdom to be green,

Something tangible

To be grown,

picked at,

rolled up,

and lit.

I used to believe secrets

Told by ones whose Twelve Tribes never thirsted for promised lands

and Black Stars that never touched even the brim of these Atlantic sands

and whose hopes couldn't even steal them away.

I used to believe it was okay

For sacramental smoke,

Where these men and women-folk live in community townships,

But now its

a saving truth that breaks open mysteries,

A truth to prove the failures of so-called imperial majesties,

Haile Selassie means nothing to me,

So in his immortalized vanity,

I renounce my Christ-less past...

-Arielle John copyright 2007

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


These are just some nice stickers I came across...erm hmm...
Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year to you and yours...God's blessings for 2008.