Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trinity Sunday

"Holy Trinity, One God

Have Mercy on us."

Friday, May 2, 2008


Three strokes and a pull, me lookin in a little closer only to see where a world would form, for eyes a global swarm of quick thought, two eyes to see dreams appear, but eye for one could always find it there, settle at the base, round-bellied rims collecting exhausted visions, iris detailing the mission patterns, lashes batting ideas hitting the air for a six, breeze is what he makes of this free-flowing remix- of a silhouetted spirit, he has the drive that creates it, so he persues it, so that all I end up seeing is the beauty of a struggle, so intense, the world view sits there in his inner-lens, lids draw fleshy curtains from an old hiding place, darkened ovals holding purpose right in place, he writes in the place of any wrong energies, so at the end of the day the whole world could see, and eye believe in boys becoming men when they could build their dreams.

Keep up the great work ballo,
God Bless yuh.